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Frequently Asked Questions - EV Charging Stations

What is the target price / budget?

The price of the project (not including the charging station units) should be approximately $350 per KW.
For example, if you are install 5 charging stations with nameplate ratings of 150 KW, you budget would be $262,500.

(150 KW * 5 Units * $350/KW) = $262,500 budget.

What should we include in our budget?
Everything. All services and any subcontractor will be included in your price. This includes concrete, trenching, balance of system, utility service upgrades, the new utility service meter and anything else required to make the electric vehicle stations charge ready.

Do we / can we purchase the EV charging stations?
No, Carbon Solutions Group must purchase the stations in order to collect the tax benefits and CA carbon renewable energy credits.

The charging stations will be purchased by Carbons Solutions Group and shipped to your jobsite for receiving and installation.

What about private fleets, transit districts, and similar?
Carbons Solutions Group is willing to fund private fleets. This business model removes the upfront cost of the infrastructure, charging station units, installation, as well as the ongoing electricity and maintenance costs. The owners of the fleet instead pay a fixed rate per charge from the provided electric vehicle charging station. For more information, please contact us.

Do I need to collect all the information for 3rd party engineering?

The more you can get, the better. We'll need as much as possible to issue plan set drawings. So please gather as much as you can and submit it to us. We'll let you know if we need more information after that.

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