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Solar Renewable Energy Credits

Monetize Your Customers
Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

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The Project Development Platform's new partnership with Carbon Solutions Group (CSG), allows you to monetize the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) on your client's new or existing array. CSG uses stranded SRECs from existing arrays, or they monetize future SRECs on arrays that are about to be installed (or have recently completed) to provide your client a one-time upfront payment. This money can then be used to help pay for the new arrays or help financing maintenance and upgrades on existing arrays.


Watch the video above to learn and download the sample SREC Contract document below. Once you have enough information to submit the following below, we'll reach out to you with the estimated value of the one-time SREC payment to your client so you can fund the solar project.  

This sample contract is between CSG and your client. It monetizes the RECs and allows your client to pay for installation, maintenance or upgrades.

If you'd rather have a paper copy to jot down the information as you receive it, or drop it off with your client, please use the button above to download.

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